Theatre Management System

Theatretics is a Theatre Management System & Event Booking, Box Office, Point Of Sales (POS), Online Ticket Sales System, It is a Software designed to get most out of resources. From Print at home Tickets, to managing customer data and sales in Facebook. Every component of this software has been produced, built and tested to let you focus on the event itself rather than trivial management details.

Theatre Management

Theatretics Theatre Ticketing System will provide you with a powerful administrative panel to perform all required functions. It has an impeccable record of boosting sales for all its users (theatres). We like to think that we help patrons of our clients by making the process of purchasing ticket; Simple, easy and hassle free. The system is designed to behave exactly as a traditional shopping cart. No surprises speed bumps or detours.

Another major advantage in using our system is that the user stays on your own website; on your on domain rather than being redirected to some 3rd party ticket sales website. This translates into customer confidence in your own brand name.

Responsive Web Design

Ticketing system is based 100% on responsive web design. It can factor from very large screens to devices. Custom theme can also be implemented for specific design requirements.

E-Commerce Ready

Theatre Ticketing System can receive payments using multitude of payment gateways, Paypal, Authorize .NET, Even if your own bank provides a payment API, it can be seamlessly integrated to receive payment directly into your bank account.

Mobile App

With Theatre Ticketing Software you also get a Box Office Application native for Android This App reads information from printed tickets and validates them for entry. This process also marks attendance while authenticating every ticket holder.


We take security very seriously, all websites are protected with SSL encryption. Sensitive user details are protected with SHA-2 256 bit cipher.

Point Of Sales

For walk-in customers there is an easy to use POS system to record their entry. This keeps the total accounting of ticket holders in check and updated.

Ticket Printing

Ordering customers can print their tickets by themselves. Every ticket has a unique QR Code appended on it which makes the identification procedure easy and trackable using our mobile application.

Promotional Discounts

You can crate promotional discount coupons from with-in the system and distribute as per need. These coupons are excellent in tracking promotions and campaigns.

Membership Discounts

With E-Ticketing system you will have the ability to produce Membership Loyalty Cards; with these cards you can offer discounts and free tickets.


The software has the ability to accept donations, channeled through your own banking and e-commerce system.

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I'm LOVING it. So much more clear and a better customer interface. Thanks so much. Great work! Andy Rogow
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